Welcome Everhart McDonald Physical Medicine!


The Highland County Chamber of Commerce welcomed Everhart-McDonald Physical Medicine with a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony! The practice, which opened in the summer of 2016, is located at 1121 Northview Drive in Hillsboro. A trip to visit friends who live in this part of southern Ohio brought Dr. MaryAnn Everhart-McDonald to Hillsboro to stay, as she quickly fell in love with the area.


Board certified in Electrodiagnostic Medicine and Physical Medicine, Dr. Everhart-McDonald welcomes patients who have been referred to her by their doctor for EMG (Electromyography) and NVC (Nerve Conduction Velocity) studies to evaluate the condition of their nerves and muscles.


Electromyography is able to evaluate the condition of the nerve as it studies the function of the muscle and is able to determine if a nerve has been injured in the neck, back, or limb. It is able to detect diseases which affect the muscles. Nerve Conduction Velocity evaluates how quickly and how well a nerve carries the electrical message through the fibers and looks for changes in the nerves in the arms, legs, neck and back.


Dr. Everhart-McDonald was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. She received her B.A. degree from Otterbein University, her M.S. degree from Southern Illinois University, and her M.D. degree from The Ohio State University. She completed her residency at The Ohio State University and Riverside Methodist Hospitals. Before entering medical school, she taught Athletic Training, Health and Physical Education in the Columbus City Schools and Physical Education at Otterbein College at summer school.


She has been in practice in Columbus since 1987. She served 14 years as a clinical assistant professor at The Ohio State University and 13 years on the editorial board of The Physician and Sportsmedicine Journal. She was one of five physicians who served on the inaugural sportsmedicine board for the National High School Athletic Association. She is on the medical staff of Riverside Methodist Hospital and Highland District Hospital.


Welcome, Everhart McDonald Physical Medicine!