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Behind the Business: Merle Norman Cosmetic Studio & Salon


There are some people that say when you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. That happens to be the case for Rachelle Trefz, owner of Merle Norman in Hillsboro. Rachelle is one of the lucky few who have been able to make a career out of doing what they love. In Rachelle’s case that would be cosmetics and, more specifically, Merle Norman.  Located at 144 S. High Street in Hillsboro, many people drive by the cosmetic studio and salon on a daily basis; but what all does Merle Norman have to offer?

Merle Norman opened its doors in November of 2003 after six months of renovations to the storefront. Owner Rachelle Trefz said that she had always wanted to own her own business and wanted to bring the brand she loved to Hillsboro. In addition to Merle Norman cosmetics, the store also sells Ginger Snaps jewelry and Yellow Box shoes.When the doors opened in 2003, it was the only Merle Norman in Highland County-a fact that is still true today! Rachelle pulls customers from many of the surrounding counties as the next Merle Norman is forty miles away in Cincinnati!

Two years after opening the initial store, a salon opened in conjunction with Merle Norman and is adjacent to the original store. Today, the salon employs three stylists: Kristin Bailey, Whitney Mathews, and Lindsey Bernard. All of whom are currently accepting new customers. Spray tanning is also available at the store.

The concept behind the store is to bring products and services once only available in the city into Highland County with small town customer service. Merle Norman does not offer online sales in an effort to promote local business. All of Merle Norman’s products are made in America and has stayed family owned since its humble beginnings in a kitchen in 1931. Merle Norman has always prided itself in having finer ingredients and truer colors compared to similar brands.

Not sure if you’re ready to make the switch to Merle Norman cosmetics or is it your first time purchasing cosmetics? No worries, make up lessons are available free of charge. Have a big event coming up? Make sure you take advantage of their on-site makeovers!

Merle Norman is a member of the Highland County Chamber of Commerce. They can be contacted at 937.840.0701 or on their facebook page! Make sure to stop by and check out what all they have to offer.

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