Behind the Business: Bon Appetit Gourmet Shoppe & Gifts


It all started with one really SWEET dream. Bon Appetit Gourmet Shoppe & Gifts has been a part of the downtown Hillsboro business landscape since it opened its doors in August of 2012. Co-owned and operated by Joe Mahan and Helen Walton, Bon Appetit prides itself in being a unique addition to the Highland County food scene. The concept is simple: keep it local and keep it delicious.  It succeeds in doing just that. From fine chocolates, and spicy barbeque sauces, to vintage antiques and modern jewelry, Bon Appetit brings a unique shopping experience to Hillsboro.

Walking into Bon Appetit you are greeted by the heavenly aroma of warm vanilla, caramel, and chocolate and you are instantly transported back to your childhood. No matter what your age, you will have that feeling of a “kid in a candy shop” and find yourself zipping around the store looking at chocolates, taffy, old fashioned candy, and soda pop. Once you get past the initial candy section of the store, you’ll find unique barbeque sauces, hot sauces, gravy and dip mixes, soups, and more! As you maneuver to the back end of the store, you’ll find primitives and antiques. During my stint I was delighted to see an “I Dream of Jeanie” Barbie doll in its original case and a 1950s refrigerator!

Going by their “buy local” roots, Bon Appetit makes it a priority to stock as many locally made items as possible. Owner Joe Mahan calls it his “ripple”. First buy it from Hillsboro. If you can’t find it in Hillsboro, buy it in Highland County. If it isn’t in Highland County, buy it from Ohio. If it isn’t made in Ohio, buy it from the USA. The staff at Bon Appetit travel to artisan craft fairs in Ohio and have anywhere from 5 to 25 local artist’s creations on sale at any given time.

The main goal of the store is to offer unique items that aren’t found in your typical grocery aisle. Tired of the “same old, same old”? Are you looking for something different? There’s no need to travel to Cincinnati or Dayton to shop at a mega-store owned by people thousands of miles away just to end up with the same bland-tasting meals your neighbors are fixing. By shopping at Bon Appetit you get delicious food and home-town customer service, all at a great low price.

Bon Appetit can be reached at 937.402.4087 or on their Facebook page.

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